Quality Free Range, Locally Sourced Food
Catering packages start from £5.50 per head 

We like to dress our van to impress. The neutral theme allows you to add a colour scheme and flowers to match your wedding



Choose your type of service to suit your event 


Offering a exotic selection of canapes to go with our gourmet menu. Great as welcoming bites at your event. All ideas welcome!!


You can personalise your burger with our variety of flavoured cheeses, chutneys, sauces and salads.

Describe what you offer here. add a few choice words and a stunning pic to tantalize your audience and leave them hungry for more. 


Keep in touch with our specials menu which you may decide to add to your menu at your event

O U R    S E R V I C E S

The Barbe-kew's Fast Food package is great for street trade venues with limited access.
The Package Includes;
  • Portable Food Kitchen Pod
  • The Menu of your choice​
  • High Quality Disposable Black box's 
Packages can be adapted on demand to tailor each individual event.



The Barbe-kew's Buffet Food Package is ideal for small functions, fetes and fairs
The Package Include;
  • Portable Food Kitchen Pod
  • The Menu of your choice
  • 2 Small White marquees
  • Dressed Buffet Tables
  • All silverware buffet platters
  • Bain maries (If Needed)
  • Small Decoration
Packages can be adapted on demand to tailor each individual event.
The Barbe-kew's ' Silver Service' is our top quality service, It is ideal for weddings, christenings, birthday parties and so on..
The Package Includes;
  • Portable Food Pod
  • The Menu of your choice
  • 1 0r 2 White Small Marquees
  • Waitor/ Waitress (to serve the buffet)
  • Dressed Buffet tables
  • Silver Decoration
  • Flowers (cream roses)
  • High quality silver disposable cutlery
  • Bain Maries (if needed) 
  • Napkin colour of your choice
Packages can be adapted on demand to tailor each individual event


Gourmet Burgers

Classic cheddar:

A melted mature cheddar slice with sliced iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and red onion topped with sweet pickled gherkins and burger sauce.

Brie & Bacon:

A creamy melted brie topped with our freshly cooked free range bacon finished with a sweet cranberry sauce.

Stilton & Barbe-Kews Caramelised Onion Chutney;

A tangy stilton cheese melted with a sweet Barbe-kews red wine onion chutney.

Mexican chilli cheese;

A slightly sweet with a hint of spice Mexican chilli cheese with a meatlust BBQ sauce drizzled over the top.

Create Your Own

Choose from our 4 types or cheeses, salad garnish, Barbe-kews Caramilised onion chutney and a choice on sauces from the leading brands. (Heinz, meatlust)

All our Gourmet Burgers come in a Sweet Brioche Bun

Barbe-Kews Menu

Gourment Sausage Roll;

Choose from one of our variety of flavoured sausages in a freshly baked roll.

  • Classic Pork 

  • Cumberland 

  • Lincolnshire 

  • Caramelised Onion 

  • Cheese and Bacon 

  • Tomato and Basil 

  • Red Pepper and Chorizo

  • Marmite and Cheese 

Bacon Roll;

Dry cured smoked/unsmoked back or streaky bacon, freshly sliced from the loin in a white baked roll fresh from the bakers.

Add a FREE RANGE Fried Egg to your order for an extra 60p

Add a choice of cheese to your order for an extra 60p


Honey & Wholegrain Mustard Roast Gammon;

Honey & Wholegrain Mustard Roast Gammon, with Barbe-kew's Homemade slaw' with a fresh white roll from the bakers.

Halloumi Special;

Freshly grilled halloumi with a choice of any chutney sauce or salad in a wrap, brioche roll or white roll from the butchers.

Barbe-kew Pulled Pork;

Slow roasted pulled pork marinated with Sticky BBQ Sauce, Barbe-kews Homeade Slaw' with a choice of a sweet brioche or fresh white roll.


Barbe-kews Homemade Potatoe salad;

Baby New Potatoes with chopped spring onion, Heinz mayonnaise, boiled free range eggs and a choice of bacon bits

Barbe-kews Homemade Pasta salad;

Fuseli Pasta, with a choice of tomatoe & mascarpone or mayonnaise base, peppers tomato, cuecumber or courgette tossed together with a bacon, chorizo or prawn added extra.



Meat: We pride ourselves on carefully choosing and sourcing the finest quality meat. We found a specialist butcher who only specialises in sausages, burgers, and bacon. All of their meat is not only locally sourced from a farm in Essex; it has all the correct certification where the animal welfare is at its highest. This reflects in the quality and taste of the meat that is produced.  

Our butcher offers a mouth watering secret recipe that is so delightful we just keep going back for more. He has also gone crazy with his sausages offering over 50 different flavours which can be sampled on demand for your event. Our personal favourite are his 'Classic Pork', 'Lincolnshire' and 'Caramelised onion.


Bread: We freshly order our bread on demand making sure it adds the special taste of our meat. We have chosen a Brioche bun which we believe compliments the burger, cheese, garnish and sauces and we offer fresh baked white rolls to compliment the rest of our menu and specials


Sauces: All our sauces are the leading supermarket brands. The sauces are just as important as the food. Personally we think that a burger or sausage roll can be ruined with a cheaply made sauce therefore the quality of our food doesn't end there.

Barbe-kew's Caramelised Onion Chutney; As a Foodie, we feel that we wanted to experiment and add our own stamp to our carefully picked menu that also makes us unique. We have carefully selected our secret ingredients that make the burger taste that little bit sweeter with a hint of tang. It goes without saying that sausages or burgers need to be with onions. They both go hand in hand keeping that authentic taste we all crave and desire.



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